What The Press & Our Performers Are Saying

"We had a great F-ing time. It was an amazing experience." - Bill Burr

"Fun in a way that you could never do at a club." - New York Times

"The #3 innovator who changed comedy in 2020." - The Interrobang

"You've created a new form of media, that is global yet somehow more intimate than anything I've done." - John Cleese

"It's a communal vibe and it sprung up organically." - Fast Company

"They run a tight ship." - Todd Barry

"This comedy experiment has been such a blast and unlike anything I've ever done." - Mike Birbiglia

"Nowhere has perfected Zoom comedy." - Nikki Glaser

"NCC is the future and just completely changed the game." - Jamie Kennedy

"Jesus h that was fun. Thanks so much. You are saving our very souls." - Greg Proops

"Has everything a comedy club has, except bad food." - Brad Williams

"If you would have told me I would never have to leave my living room and I could still perform for people in Tampa, I would have never left in the first place. Nowhere Comedy Club is the future and just completely changed the game! They even have a virtual green room!" - Jamie Kennedy

"I can say, unequivocally, that headlining Nowhere Comedy Club was the highlight of my month. I didn't know what to expect going in, but after my show I felt professionally (and spiritually) validated in a way I haven't felt since the clubs all closed." - Christian Finnegan

"I was so scared to do a virtual show and ended up having the time of my quarantined life." - Aida Rodriguez

"I was skeptical doing online only shows, but Nowhere Comedy Club is far and away the best one I've done. Feels just like the real thing, only now nobody is upset when I'm not wearing pants." - Ryan Niemiller

"Many people who purchased tickets and watched the show messaged me afterward and said it was the most fun they've had during the Covid-19 quarantine. I highly recommend this to all comics!" - Rachael O'Brien

"I loved performing at the Nowhere Comedy Club. It honestly felt the closest to performing to a live audience in the same room as I have since quarantine began. Everyone is there for a great show, and that's what happens." - Myq Kaplan

"The Nowhere Comedy Club is a surreal and fabulous gig - as close to a real club night as I’ve experienced during lockdown, and a fantastic way to make a live show accessible to fans in multiple continents at the same time. Everything ran so smoothly, and the team made sure everyone knew what to do, from the performer to the audience." - Alice Fraser

"The most well-run virtual show I've ever done! Great crowd and everything was so smooth on the technical side." - Kelsey Cook

"Nowhere Comedy Club does it right. After the show, people messaged me about how much they enjoyed it and just how glad they were for the shared experience it creates. The way Nowhere keeps the crowd engaged and organized, it makes zoom comedy the best it can be. Give it a shot." - Danny Jolles

"I was skeptical until my first joke hit. By the time I was 20 minutes in watching spit takes and hearing belly laughs I was wondering where I could send in my avails." - Brett Druck

"One day we're going to look back and wonder why we ever went on the road anyway. No offense, Tulsa. Performing on Nowhere Comedy Club was extremely rewarding and fun." - Andrew Rivers

"I had the best time performing on Nowhere Comedy. It gave me the opportunity to perform for family and friends all over the world who can't make it to live shows because of distance." - Katrina Davis

"Thanks for making this whole thing happen. It's really beautiful for everyone on every side of it." - Taylor Williamson

"Usually I'd have to tour the world to see if my jokes translate in other countries, now I can do it without leaving my bedroom." - Daniel Muggleton

"So much fun!!! Great crowd. It felt great to make people laugh. This is a brilliant set up!" - Mary Lou Gamba

"Performing at Nowhere Comedy Club was a real treat. The team's attention to detail and professional approach allowed for the audience and myself to have a thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish!" - Marty Bright

What Our Community Is Saying

"When I tell this story to my grandchildren in the future, I will say by far this was one of the most memorable experiences of my Quarantine 2020." - Chris A.

"It did feel pretty real." - @Autumn_Decoteau

"Most fun we've had all quarantine." - @Raes.space

"That was fantastic. Just woke up smiling." - Peg S

"I was laugh-crying the whole time! . . . That. Was. AWESOME!" - @DeenieMcQueen

"Great concept, great laughs! Felt super intimate!" - @DaliDimovsky

"I definitely needed it. Hope you all do another show in the future." - Kayla Gibson

"It felt like I truly was in a live comedy club from the comfort of my bed. Awesome work! Thanks for the laughs." - Alexa B

"Amazing how you were able to interact with the audience like you do in real life shows!!" - Tait S

"Thank you for doing this... I nearly cried... this intimate setting you created (for the VIP meet & greets) means that this small group of 10 of us get to interact personally with him and that might never happen in real life. What you are doing is bigger than just filling the void of work for comics and live comedy for fans. This is bigger than that....I was a little star struck today. But you have broken that barrier for people. And as a few have said, you have done that for some people who may never have gone to a comedy club & now they get to have actual FaceTime with someone they are a fan of." - Rebecca B

"My friends and I are so stoked on this!!!!! And ticket prices are so affordable! Thank you for this. We ALL need this right now." - Dani C.